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Detroit Tigers: Akil Baddoo has settled back in this season

Detroit Tigers outfield Akil Badoo settled in nicely.

Akil Baddoo settling into Detroit Tigers outfield once again.

The Detroit Tigers took a flier on Akil Baddoo in the Rule 5 Draft from 2020, and he's stuck around since. For the Tigers, Baddoo got off to an insane start, going on a red-hot tear to start on his MLB career after getting the call-up.

For the Detroit Tigers, he's been a great stopgap in the outfield and been a fixture in the lineup. Sure he's taken some games off, but he's been a main piece for the Tigers outfield, being a left-handed bat who has been able to swing it well.

However, things did not go well last summer for Baddoo, and it seemed like the Tigers were trending down a road where they may move on from the lefty-bat. But he ended up being kept around and has settled into the outfield, seeing a bit of a better performance this summer.

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