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Brad Holmes' Celebration Is Going Viral

General manager Brad Holmes celebrated with fans after defeating Chiefs. Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes is emerging as one of the most relatable front-office personnel members in the history of the franchise. After Detroit defeated Kansas City in a tight, season-opening contest, Holmes was observed celebrating with fans, showcasing a high level of passion and excitement by high-fiving Lions supporters. “I think any win at this point, from what we have enduring the last couple of years, is going to feel good," said head coach Dan Campbell. "I know this, I am going to enjoy it for two or three days here and then it is back to work. It is all for not if you don’t carry it over. I am proud of the guys. I am proud of the way we worked. I am proud of the staff. I am proud of Brad (Holmes). He constructed this, and we got a chance. I think we came out pretty healthy. It was good, but it was win one."

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